Mold Remediation

mold remediation

We inspect, detect, and remove mold for homeowners and business owners alike. All Pro specializes in mold remediation services. Utah’s warm summers are the perfect breeding ground for dangerous and toxic black mold and other hazards. There are three components that contribute to mold growth:

  1. a food source
  2. a warm temperature between 68°-86°
  3. moisture

The biggest element that can be removed is the moisture that mold needs to cultivate. There are over 100,000 types of species of mold, many of which can be found in Utah homes, but the most common types of mold grow within 3-5 days. After a mold spore lands on a food source that is warm and moist, it starts to germinate and colonize within 24-48 hours. Hyphae or roots start to grow into the food source and mycotoxins or poisonous gasses are released as the fungi spreads. Mold in your Utah home can be extremely dangerous and lead to a variety of health issues. If the mold in your Utah home is not removed properly it can continue to grow, making effective mold remediation more difficult and costly.

Signs of Moldmold remediation

Mold is generally visible within 7-14 days. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there! Visual signs that indicate a mold problem are moisture on surfaces, condensation in HVAC system, stains on drywall, and cracked or peeling paint. A musty odor is evidence of active mold growth! That musty odor can also be extremely dangerous if the mold is not removed as soon as possible.

Health Risks From Exposure To Mold

Mold can cause allergy symptoms, headaches, nausea, respiratory distress, and a variety of other health problems. Risk can be more severe and permanent damage may occur to the respiratory track of individuals with asthma and chronic pulmonary diseases  For landlords and property owners, liability of putting your tenants at risk is high and litigation can be expensive if not dealt with properly. Home and property owners need to understand the risks of mold exposure, and remove the mold as soon as the first signs of mold growth become apparent. Learn more about mold and the health risks it can create from the Utah Department of Health.

Mold Testing

Wondering if you need mold testing in Utah? Infrared leak detection, air and surface sampling establish the scope of work. If homeowner is putting their home on the market or suspects potential litigation, we work hand-in-hand with an industrial hygienist and independent third party laboratory to remove conflict of interest between mold testing and mold remediation. Pre-testing for mold establishes a baseline and post sampling proves the job has been done right. Document is provided as proof of clearance testing.

The Mold Remediation Process

Certified technicians trained in remediation clean and remove mold properly, without spreading spores into unaffected areas in your home. These 7 steps ensure the most effective mold removal process:

  1. Identify it: Testing and sampling confirms the presence of mold in your property.
  2. Contain it: Containment chamber is built and air leaks are blocked to prevent spores from escaping.
  3. Dry it: Dehumidifier will dry home without spreading spores.  NEVER use air movers that blow and spread spores into clean areas!
  4. Remove it: Clean or remove and dispose non-salvageable or contaminated items
  5. Dispose it:  Materials are double bagged, sealed, taped, labeled,, and disposed of in proper receptacle.
  6. Capture it: HEPA vacuum contaminated area and items to remove spores not seen with the human eye
  7. Clean it: Mold is remediated using antimicrobial and biocide agents that are sprayed to inactivate or kill any microorganisms.  Porous materials like ceiling tiles, insulation drywall and fabric are generally removed. Semi-Porous non-Removable materials like wood and concrete can be cleaned with HEPA vacuum, abrasive sanding and hand cleaning.

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