Fire Damage Restoration

fire damage restoration

fire damage cleaning utah

Few things are as jarring as a fire causing damage to your home. As a homeowner, you want a fire damage restoration contractor to repair the smoke and fire damage as fast as possible, but might not know where to start. Fire damage restoration has been our specialty since 1987. The first step is calling our restoration team at (801) 748-4020. You’ll get first class, friendly, fast, help when you need it the most.

All too often, a second-rate general contractor is called to fix the cosmetic damage from the fire but they don’t address the smoke, ash, and soot that can linger after. We have extensive experience in smoke and fire restoration in Utah. Utah’s desert climate and hot, dry summers pose a serious risk of fire in residential communities located near our forests and dry brush fields.

As we’ve seen before, wildfires can start anywhere. A small spark can threaten the homes of an entire community. Whether the damage is from a small electrical fire, kitchen disaster, or a large-scale wildfire, we can repair it.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration Leaders of Utah

When you call us, we work quickly to cleanup the damage to your home after a fire to give you peace of mind. We work swiftly to remove all the fire traces, smoke damage, soot, and ash. Since we are Utah’s full-service disaster cleaning specialists, we are also able to assess any resulting water damage from putting out the fire and detect moisture pockets to prevent mold and bacteria from forming.

Our technicians are specialized in removing all traces of fire wreckage from your walls, appliances, carpets, fixtures, and even your air duct system. This extensive care ensures there is no trace of smoke or ash which can cause an unpleasant smell and, in extreme cases, respiratory health concerns. If your home has damage due to fire or smoke, don’t hesitate in calling us for a FREE clean up estimate.

After Fire Damage Restoration – Our Cleaning Standards

From ceiling to floor, smoke, soot and ash are cleaned and removed from every crevice and hard surface. Wall coverings, blinds, draperies are washed and/or removed. Interior and exterior of appliances are cleaned. Detail clean is performed on light fixtures, outlets. NADCA approved air duct cleaning of entire HVAC system, including replacement of filters and deodorization of interior ducting

Fire Restoration Safety

In some cases of large fires, gas, electricity and water utilities are shut down. Permits may be needed to set up temporary power for cleaning purposes. After a safety inspection, hazard signs are posted to mark hazardous areas and keep unauthorized persons from entering. Click here to learn more about fire conditions and regulations in Utah.

Boarding Up Afterwards

Property damaged by fire or storm can be at risk for theft, vandalism, and/or further damage from rain or other weather conditions permeating the property. We takes precautions to secure the property, mitigate loss, and prevent secondary damage. Board up services may consist of fencing, sealing broken windows and/or doors, installing roof tarps, locks or other hardware to block openings and prevent access to the property. Pictures are taken to document security techniques followed by routine drive by inspections to ensure tampering has not occurred.

What Happens to Your Possessions After Fire Restoration?

Salvageable contents are treated delicately and respectfully throughout the cleaning process. Furniture is spot cleaned to determine rather it is restored or replaced. Sentimental and valuable contents are identified, inventoried and signed off by the customer. Thorough pictures are taken of all damaged contents to assist with filing insurance claim and determining replacement value. Contents are stored in safe place and properly labeled until restoration is complete. Click here to see before and after pictures of a home that was damaged by a fire.

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